Blacksmith specialising in pattern welding



Courses in blacksmithing

Prices below are for individual (one-to-one) tuition, for group prices please contact me.

Basic blacksmithing
An introductory course in which you will learn some of the fundamentals of blacksmithing. If you’ve never had experience working a forge, I’d recommend completing this before you move on to one of the more advanced courses. Working on a project, the course will cover forge safety, basic forging techniques (such as drawing out, forging points, twisting, hot cutting, scrolling and punching), striking, hammer use and use of other basic tools.

Taster (3-4 hrs) – £50
work on a simple project e.g. bottle openers, candle holder, letter opener
1 day  – £110
2 days – £200

Introduction to bladesmithing
This course will take you through the blacksmithing process from design to finished product. Leave with your own bespoke blade.

1 day Special – £130  Make a simple, high carbon, bushcraft or kitchen knife in a day. For an additional £30 make it out of pattern welded( damascus) steel.

2 day – £325  Similar to the 1 day special except pattern welded steel is included in the price and a more sophisticated blade can be forged in this time.

3 days – £445  Much like the 2 day course except you will spend a day learning to forge-weld your own pattern welded steel for the final blade.

Pattern welding
A must for anyone interested in the 2500 year old art of forging Damascus steel, made famous by the Saxon sword smiths. Learn how to forge-weld high carbon steel, create complex patterns from multiple billets and bring out the best in your work with etching.
3 days – £500

At the end of each course you will leave with a unique piece of metalwork to take home.

Group prices available, please drop me a line to book places or if you have any questions.